The EU expects Serbia to make additional efforts to gradually align with the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy by the date of its accession.

This is what the head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, Sem Fabrizi, told Tanjug on Wednesday.

Fabrizi was commenting on a statement by visiting US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Hoyt Brian Yee, who said two days ago that Serbia “cannot sit on two chairs at the same time” – referring to the country’s EU membership bid, and its close ties with Russia.

The top EU diplomat in Belgrade today also said that Serbia, given that EU integration is its strategic priority, “should act in line with its commitment to regional cooperation and stabilization.”

“Serbia is already contributing to EU civilian and military crisis management missions, which we welcome. But we expect further efforts to gradually align with EU’s common foreign and security policy by the date of accession,” he said.

Fabrizi also remarked that the EU’s common foreign and security policy leaves “a vast space to develop bilateral relations with non-EU countries, provided that the common framework is respected.”