Americans in Syria are carrying out deadly provocations against Russian soldiers and officers, causing serious concern in Moscow. Their tactics of “half-measures” can not lead to victory over terrorists. In addition, the US-led coalition is an “uninvited guest” because, according to the criteria of the international law, they are illegal in Syria because they are not invited by the leadership of that country. They “unintentionally” strike the Syrian armed forces, and then the units of the Islamic State launch a counter attack or point other terrorists to strategically important facilities.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said these heavy allegations against Americans in an interview he gave to newspaper “Ashkar al-Assat” a few days after Russian General Valeriy Asapov was killed in Syria.

“We do not understand what the Americans do when they split terrorists to bad and less bad ones. Double standards speak about political motives. Therefore, the effectiveness of the fight against terrorism can not be talked about”, Lavrov explained.