Aleksandar Vucic says the text of a letter Belgrade will send to the EU is ready – but that the PM will not take it with her to Brussels tomorrow.

Vucic on Monday added that he already signed the letter, which, he said, Spain has requested be submitted at a later date, “so as not to aggravate the situation in that country.”

According to previous announcements, the letter concerns EU’s reaction to the Catalan referendum, and the stance that the cases Catalonia and Kosovo are not comparable, “because Spain in a member of the EU.”

“We have an obligation toward our Spanish friends. They helped us with (preventing Kosovo from joining) Interpol, UNESCO, the European Council and the European Union,” Vucic said, adding that “we will not give up on what we think, and on the answer (from the EU) that we expect.”

Vucic told a new conference (with visiting EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides) that the letter, which he described as “serious and thorough,” would be signed by the prime minister after her visit to Brussels – “when she receives the consent of the government.”