A balanced resolution fairly presenting the situation in the Western Balkans is to be passed at the Oct. 7-9 fall session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

Tanjug reported this on Thursday, citing the daily Politika.

Member of the Serbian delegation to NATO Vladimir Djukanovic said that the original draft, prepared by Britain’s Richard Benyon, accused Serbia of causing tensions in the region – but that the document was now changed, as “all amendments from Belgrade had been accepted.”

“At the spring session of the NATO PA in Tbilisi we indicated that Benyon’s draft resolution was one-sided and scandalous and had to be changed. We put in a large number of amendments that have been accepted and, as far as Serbia is concerned, such a document goes in our favor, especially the parts related to economic growth and the state of democracy in our country,” Djukanovic told the newspaper.

The original draft tabled by the British Conservative MP labeled our country as the main culprit for “the noise on the diplomatic line between Belgrade and Pristina” but also as the cause of the crisis in this part of Europe.

Djukanovic pointed out that “they corrected everything that was unilateral.”

“We have no objections to the new draft resolution, which will most likely be passed on Saturday, October 7, at the NATO Political Committee session,” he said.

“I do not expect a big debate on this issue and most likely it will last about ten minutes. I expect the focus to be on the Russian Federation,” said Djukanovic, who is a deputy from the ruling SNS in the Serbian National Assembly.