President Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday that a total of 16 “very important” agreements will be signed with Turkey during the visit of the Turkish president.

After 12 of these documents were inked today in Belgrade, Vucic announced that four more will be signed on Wednesday in Novi Pazar, a town in southwestern Serbia.

Vucic thanked Recep Erdogan and Turkish investors for their investments in the past period:
“We did not take care of some factories, you did, your investors came to Krupanj, for example. The only factory there had stopped working, but only with the arrival of a Turkish investor that plant was renewed, and now they are looking for new workers.

Vucic added that he was also “grateful for Turkish factories in Leskovac, Nis, Lebane, Zitoradja.”

“In Lebane we lost half of the population, now there is a factory of a Turkish investor that will employ more than 300 people and that is the salvation for this town and the south of Serbia,” he said.
Vucic also recalled that a memorandum of understanding was signed with the Turkish TYH Group to employ 2,500 workers in Kraljevo, and added:

“Since we have been insufficiently careful and managed to, over the past 20 years, destroy the factories we had there. Today we managed to ask a Turkish investor to come to Kraljevo to employ these people and we will solve a large portion of the problems with that.”