The government adopted at Thursday’s session the bill amending the Law on Road Traffic Safety.

It enables the establishment of a more permanent and efficient road safety system, as well as greater protection of vulnerable categories of participants in traffic.

Although significant progress has been made in terms of increasing the level of traffic safety, the risk of accidents in road accidents in Serbia is much higher than in countries with a developed and stable level of traffic safety.

Also, amendments to the laws enable the construction and change of the awareness, attitudes, knowledge and skills of all participants in traffic through adequate education, upbringing and information.
The government also adopted the Bill on Electronic Communications, which will enable successful integration of Serbia into a single European digital market.

The aim of the law is that the government, business entities and organizations work together to develop a regulatory framework that stimulates growth and creates common values and opportunities for the digital future.

The law should provide for greater protection of end-users of electronic communications services and to improve the operating conditions of the electronic communications operators in the Republic of Serbia.
Also, by this Law, Serbia harmonizes its legislation with the EU acquis in the field of electronic communications.

At the session, the Bill ratifying the Agreement on the Establishment of the Transport Community in the field of road, rail, water and maritime transport was adopted, aimed at the development of a transport network between the EU and the signatories of South-Eastern Europe.