Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s visit to Zagreb has been postponed, his cabinet confirmed on Wednesday.

According to previous announcements, the visit should have taken place in November at the latest.

“The president will not go to Zagreb that soon,” the daily Blic was told by his cabinet.

The date of Vucic’s trip was “neither determined nor confirmed,” Tanjug noted in its report today.

“President Vucic thinks, and it seems to him that (Croatian) President Grabar-Kitarevic agrees, that it is better for the visit to take place when conversations can be held calmly, and in a different atmosphere,” the agency was told by sources close to the Serbian president.

Earlier, Croatian media said that the visit would be postponed for the foreseeable future because of recent “verbal (diplomatic)” clashes between Belgrade and Zagreb.

Another row concerned Serbian officials calling the war in Croatia in the early 1990s a civil war – which Zagreb thinks represents “a relativization of the Serb aggression.”

But what Zagreb is leaving out is that Serbian officials were reacting to the Croatian Law on Defenders, which designates Serbia, the Serb people, and the ethnic Serb community in Croatia as “aggressors.”