What to expect from the first joint vacation? They say that the first vacation that a couple spends with each other either strengthens relationships or destroy them. You are together 24 hours a day, in an unfamiliar environment, and perhaps nervous a little… Here are 6 tips from Vava dating site that will help make the first vacation excellent
Some statistics.

It turns out that more than 80% of women believe that all the expenses during the first vacation together have to be assumed by men.

And another interesting fact from the research is that men are most worried that they will not have common topics to discuss with their girlfriends during the first joint vacation, and women are more concerned about how they will look in the morning.

How to travel with your girl

1. Get to know each other during a vacation

Even if you’re a very active and very sociable person who can’t live without cheerful and noisy parties – it is better to spend the first joint vacation together and nothing and no one should distract you from each other. The beginning of a relationship and everything you do together is the foundation of your relationship and perhaps family life. You will be able to feel each other much better being far away from friends, your work, families, and problems. You will understand how strong your sympathy and your feelings are. Use your free time to understand and feel each other and perhaps make a serious step towards each other very soon.

2. Use the strengths of each other

When you travel with a girl, think about the strengths of each other and use them instead of arguing who and what must do. Who is the best organizer? Who knows a foreign language better? Who takes photos better? Well, you get the idea.

3. Be friendly and show great communication skills

Relax, you are on a vacation. There are no enemies and problems, so don’t pay attention to the imperfection of the world and just enjoy every day and every minute. Thanks to this attitude you’re guaranteed to be friendly and nice to everyone around you. And your partner will appreciate it.

4. Compromise

When you travel with a girlfriend, there shouldn’t be the “head”– no matter who planned it. You are equal. Therefore, any decision should be made together. If she wants to try all the local cuisine, let it be so. But you should also like a chosen restaurant. If you are a sports fan, your girlfriend has to join what you are doing at least once.

5. Don’t blame a girl if a crisis happens

Holiday is full of surprises, including unpleasant. Something can go wrong when you travel with a girl. Whatever happens – don’t blame a partner, don’t make scandals and hysterics. It will not help. It is better to think about how to get out of the situation and two heads, that are able to negotiate, are much better than one – you have to be a team, not rivals.

6. Set strict rules in relation to money

It is necessary to agree on money in advance. It doesn’t matter whether you have a general budget or everybody has to pay for themselves. The main thing is that you have to discuss this issue, came up with the rules and strictly follow them. But the perfect variant is to have the general budget. At the same time, you will see how your partner treats money before you become a family.

And, by the way, before you go somewhere together for several weeks, arrange a test drive just for the weekend. There is no need to come up with something unusual. You can go to the nearest capital city for two days and choose some nice hotel. When you travel with your girlfriend in such a way, it allows you to understand what to expect from each other during longer vacations.