Kosovo President Hashim Thaci has said that EU officials should not “abuse” the pro-European orientation of citizens of Kosovo.

Beta reported him as saying that this pro-European orientation has been abused by individuals in the EU in order to humiliate Kosovo or delay its European perspective.

“Kosovo needs to move quickly towards a concrete European perspective, not a process that can last five, ten or 20 years,” Thaci has told the Klan Kosova broadcaster.

According to him, Kosovo “holds no blackmail card and the possibility to call on Russia, Turkey or Albania.”

“All Serbia has to do is talk about Russia, and they (representatives of the EU) immediately accept each of their ideas. They in Brussels crave Belgrade’s single smile, just so that Russia is not mentioned,” Thaci said.

He also assessed that conditioning EU’s visa liberalization with demarcation of border with Montenegro was “essentially a trap for Kosovo – bearing in mind that it was impossible to provide a two-thirds majority in favor of ratifying the agreement in the Assembly of Kosovo.”

In a separate interview, for the Vienna-based Standard, Thaci said the European Commission was “unjust” in “rewarding only Serbia.”

According to him, Serbia is making progress in EU accession negotiations “exclusively because it is blackmailing the EU with the relationship it has with Russia.”

Asked whether Pristina was ready to “give up on northern Kosovo, predominantly populated by Serbs,” Thaci replied, “It should be understood once and for all that partition along ethnic lines is not a solution.”