Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that the conversation with the US official Brian Hoyt Yee was not easy, that all diplomats from foreign countries come with their own interests, and that his job is to protect the interests of Serbia.

As a guest on Serbian “TV Pink” Vucic said that Hoyt Yee said that the US supports “territorial integrity of the independent state of Kosovo” and said that “we do not interfere” with this territorial integrity.

Serbian President said that he replied with words: “How territorial integrity of Serbia could be interfered with nine years ago, how could one rule be valid for you nine years ago and today the completely opposite rule is valid for everyone else” and added that this is not the first time he told him that, and Hoyt Yee answered that this is America’s message and “You have to respect it – if you do not respect it, you should think about the consequences”, Vucic said, adding that “Those messages I listen every day”.

He added that no indecent word was said and that the main topics were Kosovo and Russia.

Vucic said that during his visit to New York he agreed with US Assistant Secretary of State Hoyt Yee that a horrific crime was committed against Bitiqi brothers and that anyone who took part in it should be held responsible, but he also asked him what to say to the Serbs when they ask who will be held responsible for 2,000 killed Serbs in 1999.

“It seems to me that I understood well what kind of fate waits for me after such a sentence”, Vucic said.

It is undisputable, he said, that a serious crime was committed and that it is important that those who committed it answer for it, but he also noted that the US has a “flagrant” culprit who should be punished, otherwise they will not be satisfied.

It is similar with the case of the burning of the US Embassy in Belgrade. If, he said, someone from the cabinet of (Vojislav) Kostunica or someone from the political top is not blamed – they will not be satisfied.

US Ambassador to Serbia Kyle Scott recently said that it was “frustrating” that the trial of suspects for burning the US Embassy in Belgrade is postponed again, and Vucic sees it as a pressure on the judiciary.

“After the slightest delay they say it is frustrating, is that pressure? Yes. If I said that, they would say – why do you pressure us?”, he noted.