President Aleksandar Vucic spoke at the Freedom 2017 event in Batajnica on Friday to say that “no one will be able to attack Serbia unpunished.”

“We want a strong, developed state of Serbia which will guarantee peace and stability to all, and be a stable and reliable partner,” Vucic said in his address on the occasion of WW2 Liberation Day of Belgrade.

He then quoted former US President John Kennedy, who said, “Let us never fear to negotiate, but let us never negotiate out of fear. ”

Vucic also said that Serbia “will be strong enough, capable and equipped to allow no one to undervalue the lives of people in Serbia.”

“There seems to be some higher power, some heavenly justice in the fact that Belgrade was liberated precisely on October 20, 1944, because three years earlier, from October 15 to 21, the Nazi (German) occupiers killed by firing squad thousands of people in Belgrade, across (central Serbian region) Sumadija, and in the end, in the heroic (town of) Kragujevac,” Vucic said.

As he stated, “we freed ourselves from that death and horror on October 20, by liberating the capital.”
“We have liberated ourselves, I hope, forever, of that kind of madness that considered it justifiable to kill and execute in the name of a nation and a race, an ideology that considered some people to be worth less than others, and worth so much less, that they did not deserve to live,” he said.

The president then read out the order of the head the German supreme command Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, based on which the Nazis committed October massacres in Serbia in 1941, and quoted him as saying: “There in the East, life is worth nothing, anyway.”

According to Vucic – that is what we liberated ourselves from on October 20.

“Have others succeed – I do not know, and it is quite possible that there are still those who see us as being of lesser value, who think that the same rules do not apply to us and to them, who they think they can do one thing, while we cannot. Today, to us, this entire abominable philosophy is no longer valid. On October 20, 1944, we liberated ourselves from it forever,” said Vucic.