Retired Commander of NATO forces for Europe, Wesley Clark, hopes that Serbia will look up to Montenegro when it comes to NATO integration.

In an interview for Podgorica’s daily “Dnevne novine” Clark said that Montenegro “is the cleanest example of values such as stability, rising above conflicts in the Balkans, adopting Western civilization and the elevation of living standards for a life according to democratic standards.”

He hopes that Serbia would also look up to Montenegro, see a good example and follow it when it comes to NATO integration.

“There is always someone looking for a port in which they will try to disrupt economic development and stability in the region, but the essence is in peace and in people that believe in a strong future, to value their lives and always strive for better”, said Clark.

The fact that Montenegro has joined NATO before the EU is the recognition that before you reach economic development, you need to achieve stability and security. So that things go in the right order, in the right sequence.

According to the daily, he said that the NATO aggression in 1999 was used “primarily as a last resort”.