EU’s “double standards on Crimea’s reunification with Russia are a bad practice,” Czech President Milos Zeman has said, according to TASS.

As an example of these double standards, Zeman mentioned Kosovo and Crimea.

“On the one hand, you have Kosovo, where there was the United Nations’ guarantee, but this guarantee was not secured, and on the other hand – Crimea, where the referendum was held. These are double standards and this is bad,” he told the agency in an interview ahead of his visit to Russia, and meeting with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

According to TASS, Zeman said many times in the past that although the UN “guaranteed Kosovo’s autonomy as part of Yugoslavia, the international community allowed the bombing of Serbia to take place.”

The Czech president also said that “the fact that he is the only European politician” who has said so “does not mean that the others don’t have similar views.”

But they “lack courage to voice them in public,” Zeman said.