Serbia “wants to maintain its delicate balancing act” between the West, Russia and China, Reuters has quoted Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic as saying.

“What we do not want is that someone pulls our own chair from under us… what is important is to see what is in our own best interest,” Dacic said.

The agency recalled that US official Hoyt Brian Yee recently “told Belgrade it cannot sit on two chairs at the same time,” “sparking sharp criticism” in Belgrade.

Dacic also “likened Serbia’s opposition to Kosovo’s independence to Spain’s rejection of Catalonia’s referendum on secession.”

“If Spain can fight for its concept of Catalonia then we Serbs can fight for our country,” he said.

Dacic spoke in favor of Serbia, which Retuers said “cherishes Kosovo as its historic birthplace,” and Pristina seeking “a win-win solution and an international conference that would prevent future wars for a century.”