World power centers have overplayed their hand when they thought it was possible to redraw borders in the Balkans since it is not a part of the EU.

Serbian Foreign Minister and First Deputy Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said this in a statement for the Russian daily Izvestia, Sputnik is reporting.

Dacic added that this behavior was “a shining example of double standards and hypocrisy of world politics.”

The head of Serbian diplomacy also said that Belgrade will continue to support European principles and democracy, but will not sacrifice its independence. “We will continue to fight for our future, we will cooperate with our neighbors and we will try to solve the problem,” Dacic said.

Asked whether Serbia will impose sanctions on Russia at the demand of the West, Dacic said that Serbia and Russia want to maintain comprehensive cooperation and friendly relations in the political and economic fields, science, culture, education, as well as defense, security and military industries.

“And we will continue to do so in the future. Therefore, Serbia will remain consistent in its policy and will not join European anti-Russian sanctions. Moreover, we hope and we want to see these sanctions lifted as soon as possible,” Dacic said.

The Serbian minister added that his country is facing the consequences of its decision. “Serbia wants to go to the EU, but we will never go against our own national interests and will never impose sanctions on friends,” Dacic said.