The Serb Republic (RS) president says that Serbia and this Serb entity in Bosnia are one – and it is therefore less important where the border “will be drawn.”

“We do not recognize this border in our subconscious, but formally speaking in the international legal sense, it exists,” Milorad Dodik said in Nevesinje.

He believes that the border between BiH and Serbia should be corrected so that a part of the territory in Strpci and other places vital for the functioning of infrastructure in Serbia belongs to that country.

Dodik also thinks that the border should be corrected bear Bijeljina, where the Drina with its course entered more in the territory of Serbia, almost 150 meters from the border crossing.

“We are ready to do it. Those in Sarajevo have no business there. If we accept it in the RS accept, they need to verify it,” the RS president said.

Dodik also announced that a joint session of the Council for Implementation of the Agreement on Special Ties between Serbia and the RS will be held this week in Belgrade, and that the two government will meet for a joint session.

Serb member of the BiH Presidency, Mladen Ivanic, said earlier that only two points of the interstate border between Serbia and BiH are contentious, and said this was the railway near the Strpci station and a section in the municipality of Rudo, where there are some settlements that are “like islands in another territory.”

“I think the principle of ‘square meter for square meter’ should be respected,” Ivanic told reporters.