The judgment in the Mladic case “touches upon some of the darkest, most tragic events of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s, the Western Balkans’, Europe’s recent history.”

The EU said this in a statement, adding that these events “include the genocide in Srebrenica.”

“Delivering justice and fighting impunity for the most horrific crimes is a fundamental human obligation.

Our sympathies are with those who survived and those who lost their loved ones. While we don’t comment individual judgments, we fully respect the decisions of the ICTY and support its work,” the statement said, and added:

“We strongly reiterate the need for full cooperation with ICTY as well as its successor Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals. The European Union trusts that all the countries in the region are determined and committed to work towards reconciliation, regional cooperation and good neighborly relations. We expect all political leaders in the region to honor the victims by promoting and respecting these commitments.”