Bakir Izetbegovic saying that he hopes Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) will recognize Kosovo represented “a dangerous provocation.”

This is according to former US Ambassador to Serbia William Montgomery.

Montgomery added that he “hoped the international community will react strongly and condemn this statement.”

“There is a history of instability, which includes BiH, Kosovo and Macedonia, and Serbia has for several years been a factor of stability in the region, and this is very important, but in the long run, Serbia cannot make this region stable alone. Help is needed from the region and the international community, but I don’t see the will, desire and energy of the international community to take steps to make these countries more stable,” he told RTS.

Montgomery pointed out that the statement made by the Bosniak member of the country’s tripartite presidency was “another example of something provocative and dangerous – since we all know that in BiH, every decision must be approved by the three peoples.”

“His statement is certainly one-sided and such statements lead only to greater instability in the region. I hope that the international community will react strongly to his statement and the provocation that it has caused, since in the past they also reacted to (RS President) Milorad Dodik’s statements, which according to them were provocative,” Montgomery said.