Health status of General Ratko Mladic is dramatic, but based on his medical documentation submitted to Belgrade one cannot conclude how many strokes he survived. Simply, doctors from The Hague did radiological examination of the head of the former commander of the Army of Republika Srpska without using contrast and the image as such hides more than it shows. To clarify this, if a student at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade tried to interpret and make a conclusion about the patient’s health based on such images, he would failed the exam – said Professor Gradimir Dragutinovic, the first neuroradiologist in Serbia and pioneer of neuroradiobiology in the world, for Serbian Daily “Vecernje Novosti”.

Darko Mladic, son of Ratko Mladic, recently submitted a formal request to The Hague Tribunal to postpone the verdict to his father scheduled for November 20, because his health condition is extremely bad. After nine months of ignoring and stalling, The Hague did deliver on a disk medical documentation, and the expertise was done in the Diagnostic Center “Hram” in Belgrade by the most competent Serbian doctors. Last week, The Hague received expert opinion of our doctors in which they demand that medical examinations in Mladic’s case are done according to standard medical procedures.

– It is medically unfair that such findings are considered valid at all – says Dragutinovic. – Since 1986 there are medical protocols and procedures on which doctor’s conclusions are made. Based on what was delivered to us, we can conclude that they actually hid the patient’s true health state.

General Mladic has changes in the brain while the blood vessels in his head are not recorded at all. According to the professor, his health condition had to be precisely diagnosed after he arrived to The Hague, but it was not done. Does The Hague hurry to condemn Mladic as soon as possible and then “let him die”, professor does not know, but he notes that any verdict would be problematic to him now because no one can guarantee how he could remember or testify.

– We could not even assess the condition of his heart because, although he wore holter in The Hague, the procedure was not followed to make the finding meaningful. Definitely, General Mladic deserves a medical examination according to European standards.

The expertise of the medical findings of Ratko Mladic from the Diagnostic center “Hram”, according to Dragutinovic, were sent back to the Dutch capital fully expertly corroborated.

– It remains to be seen what will happen, but there is not much time, Dragutinovic said.