Pneumonic plague continues to decline in Madagascar, according to the World Health Organization, whose latest figures put the number of suspected cases at 1,947, including 143 deaths.

The latest reported cases of pneumonic plague, based on the number of people hospitalized and on district reporting in Madagascar, is good news, said Fadela Chaib, WHO spokeswoman.

“As of yesterday, 6 November, there were only 27 people hospitalized with plague compared with 106 on 29 October, for example,” she said. “This decline in new cases is encouraging and shows that the quick steps taken to support the government of Madagascar to contain the outbreak have been effective.”

However, Chaib warns that everyone must remain vigilant. She says flare-ups of this deadly disease cannot be ruled out until the plague season ends in April.

WHO, she said, needs $4 million to sustain its effort.