According to the data from Belgrade, the independence of Kosovo was recognized by 106 countries, and two of them have withdrawn that recognition. In addition to Suriname, this is done by another country – Sao Tome and Principe, the island nation in the west of Africa.

“They recognized Kosovo, so the new president withdrew recognition. Now that the one who recognized Kosovo has returned, I hope he will not change the decision again”, said Ivica Dacic, Serbian Foreign Minister.

What Belgrade calls upon are the key players: Russia and China. Until they recognize Kosovo, according to Dacic, it will not be able to become a member of the United Nations.

“The key players involved in the process of the proclamation of the independence will continue to exert pressure on those who have already recognized Kosovo, but also on those who have not yet decided on that step”, said Aleksandra Joksimovic, president of the Center for Foreign Policy.