Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic says the Hague Tribunal (ICTY) has not been unbiased, and that Serbia “fared the worst.”

Brnabic said she was referring to the overall convictions, and the number of those who died in the tribunal’s custody.

Perhaps such a view is not politically correct, she said, and added that it was her personal opinion.
“I do not think the tribunal has participated in the reconciliation in the region, instead it has contributed to the straining of relations in the region. How can one talk about the efficiency of the judiciary in Serbia, when there was a 13-year process in The Hague against Seselj, who was released,” Brnabic said.

Brnabic then asked, “how can someone be given back 13 years of their life,” but also – “what would it be like if the judiciary in Serbia treated somebody like that.”

The prime minister made these statements on the occasion of the official visit of ICTY President Carmel Agius, who will be in Belgrade until Thursday.

As announced from ICTY, Agius will meet with top Serbian officials to discuss “the facilitation of regional cooperation on the prosecution before domestic courts of crimes committed during the conflicts of the 1990s, the legacy of the tribunal, and the possible establishment of an ICTY Information Center in Serbia.”

When asked if she knew the reasons for his arrival here, Brnabic replied, “I personally don’t.”