Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic spoke on Wednesday with the Hague Tribunal (ICTY) President Carmel Agius.

Agius is visiting Serbia, where he earlier in the day met with the country’s president, and other countries of the region before the closure of this tribunal at the end of the year.

According to the Serbian government, Agius “conveyed to the prime minister that the Hague Tribunal had fulfilled its role in the course of its work and that it was now up to the countries of the region to work on the process of reconciliation.”

He also said that intensive work was being done to establish the International Criminal Tribunal Mechanism, that will continue to perform ICTY’s functions.

According to a statement, Brnabic asked Agius to take the necessary steps to return the documentation submitted by Serbia at the request of Hague Tribunal’s Prosecution, and appealed that everything be done to improve the treatment of Serb prisoners serving sentences under the tribunal’s verdicts.

The prime minister said that Serbia has conscientiously met its obligations to the tribunal, but also expressed her doubt that this tribunal has contributed to reconciliation in the region.

Brnabic concluded that Serbia “remains firmly committed to reconciliation among the former Yugoslav states and to maintaining regional stability.”

Before her meeting with Agius on Wednesday, the prime minister said that ICTY was not unbiased, and had not contributed to reconciliation.