Faktor Plus agency Director Vladimir Pejic says research has shown that Serbians believe the country’s EU path is “too slow and uncertain.”

Pejic also told NBC that, when asked “where in the world they would prefer to live,” a majority of those polled responded “mainly in the EU and the US,” Beta is reporting, citing the website KomentarPress.

NBC quoted Pejic in a report dedicated to a recent joint Serbian-US military exercise held in Serbia.
The US broadcaster also noted that while the country joined NATO’s Partnership for Peace program in 2006, it is “not presently seeking membership” in the military alliance.

“NATO has suffered great mistrust in public opinion due to the 1999 intervention, and this is not only limited to those who have lost family members,” Pejic said.

Beta added that a recent Faktor Plus poll showed a majority of Serbians “publicly support military cooperation with Russia,” while more than half believe good relations with Moscow guarantee their country’s security.