The opposition SRS party group in the Assembly of Vojvodina will submit an initiative to open a Serb-Russian center in this Serbian province.

“The SRS is launching an initiative to form a Serb-Russian Humanitarian Center in the area of Vojvodina, for emergency response, modeled after the one that already exists in Nis (southern Serbia),” the SRS City Board in Novi Sad said on Monday, Beta reported.

Head of the SRS group in the Vojvodina Assembly Djuradj Jaksic told a news conference that the northern province “needs a serious center for urgent interventions in emergency situations, for interventions in case of natural disasters, fires and floods.”

Jaksic added that his party expected a majority in the provincial assembly to demonstrate “political wisdom, maturity, and decisiveness, and support this initiative.”

He also announced that the party, led by Vojislav Seselj, on Monday launched a petition to collect signatures in favor of the initiative.

“The Serb Radicals stress that it is high time for Serbia to end its reckless plunge toward the EU, which over the past 17 years produced a national economic and every other catastrophe for the Serb state and nation. It is high time that Serbia turned toward the brotherly Russia, and entered a political, economic, and military alliance with it,” Jaksic said.

The SRS official added that his party insists on giving the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center in Nis diplomatic status – “urgently, in line with the inter-governmental agreement between Serbia and Russia.”