Kosovo President Hashim Thaci says the Albanians are “a nation with two sovereign states and a dream of joining Euro-Atlantic institutions.”

“We are one nation with two sovereign states. Both of our states have one dream, they have one goal, integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions,” Thaci said at a ceremony marking 105 years since the proclamation of independence of Albania, and Albanian National Flag Day, Beta has reported.

According to him, November 28 is a celebration of “restoring dignity and strengthening our national consciousness” – and that day marks “the moment of separation from long slavery and the beginning of the era of modernization of the Albanian people.”

He pointed out that “almost one century after the creation of the Albanian state, Kosovo finally became free thanks to the tireless efforts that were crowned by the struggle of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which found support in the democratic world, in the US, the European Union and NATO.”

According to Thaci, “never before had the Albanians been in a better historical position than at this time: Albania is a member of the strongest military organization in the world, NATO. Kosovo is a free and sovereign state.”

In addition, Thaci said that “with clear philosophy and orientation towards democratic Western values, Kosovo and Albania today are developing mutual economic, cultural and political relations, like never before.”