Macedonia (FYROM) has a sincere friend in Serbia, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said during his meeting in Belgrade on Tuesday with Macedonian PM Zoran Zaev.

According to Vucic, the common goal and the greatest interest of both countries “must be peace and stability in the region.”

According to a statement issued by his cabinet, carried by Beta, the president also said Serbia was “open to all initiatives that contribute to this.”

Zaev said that the two sides should use all capabilities in order for their trade exchange to reach a billion euros, and proposed setting up simplified customs procedures at border crossings, the statement said.
The Macedonian prime minister also proposed that construction companies from the two countries act together in third markets – and cooperate on joint infrastructure projects.

Vucic also spoke in favor of better infrastructure connections and increasing economic cooperation and trade, the statement said.

According to this, Vucic said that Serbia has chosen military neutrality, while Macedonia has chosen NATO membership – “but it is necessary for each country to respect the choice of the other.”