Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic will probably visit Russia in December, when he will meet with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Russia’s TASS reported this on Tuesday, citing Federation Council Chairwoman Valentina Matviyenko, who is on a visit to Serbia, and who spoke after her meeting with Vucic in Belgrade.

“First of all, I want to fulfill the request of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who asked me to wish you all the best and said that he is looking forward to your visit in December of this year, the agreed date that suits you,” said Matviyenko.

According to her, Russia hopes that this visit will give new impetus to developing Russian-Serbian relations – and the agency reports that Matviyenko said that a large number of documents on bilateral cooperation are being prepared, which will be signed during the visit.

The Russian official also said that her country “respects the principled position of Serbia and its resolve to strongly resist requests from abroad to stop cooperation with Russia” and also “welcomed Serbia’s decision not to join NATO, and Belgrade’s refusal to impose sanctions on Russia.”