US President Donald Trump on Monday announced a new National Security Strategy that administration officials have said will emphasize the president’s “America first” message.

The four pillars of the strategy are protecting the US populace and the homeland; promoting US prosperity; preserving “peace through strength” and a strong military; and increasing US influence abroad, according to a draft of the NSS document shared with multiple news outlets.

“Strengthening our sovereignty — the first duty of a government is to serve the interests of its own people — is a necessary condition for protecting those four national interests,” the draft version of the NSS document reads.

An official involved in preparing the document told Axios, ” [it’s] hard to say the document is cohesive… The doc doesn’t reflect a lot of input from” the State Department and intelligence community, but instead “fits a domestic political narrative.”

Trump reportedly plans to say: “we are not going to impose our values on others,” and single out “the revisionist powers of China and Russia; the rogue states of Iran and North Korea; and transnational threat organizations, particularly jihadist terrorist groups,” as the main challenges addressed by the new strategy.

Trump frequently blasted China on the campaign trail for alleged unfair trading practices, such as artificial currency devaluation. The NSS document calls China a “strategic competitor.”