Ramush Haradinaj still thinks the US should engage in the Brussels dialogue, and that a new phase of the process should end with “mutual recognition.”

“The government must prepare a platform that would then be ratified in parliament, and after that President Thaci should be given mandate to lead the dialogue process,” the Kosovo prime minister told RTK2, Tanjug reported on Tuesday.

According to Haradinaj, the outcome of the Brussels dialogue should be “mutual recognition.”

“It (negotiations) should last for weeks and months, but not indefinitely. Previous topics have been exhausted, and now we have a key topic, it is mutual recognition,” Haradinaj said. He added that the United States should be involved in the dialogue.

“I think that the United States should take part in the last phase of the dialogue. The United States was taking part in the process until mid-2013,” Haradinaj said.