Serbian doctors who examined Ratko Mladic in the Hague detention on Monday and Tuesday were not allowed to use the ECG or the scanner, although they needed them and they were available, reports Serbian daily “Vecernje Novosti”.

Mladic’s defense attorney Branko Lukic told the daily that the scanner was located almost two doors from the premises were Mladic was examined, and there was also a detention nurse.

Doctors from Belgrade, cardiac surgeon Velibor Ristic and neuropsychiatrist Gorica Djokic were not allowed to use any diagnostic apparatus used by doctors in Sheveningen during the examination of Mladic. After a long correspondence with defense lawyers and doctors, they were finally given only a detention stethoscope and a pressure gauge.

Before they came for the examination, Djokic and Ristic were informed that they cannot bring in anything other then a pencil and paper. Mladic’s defense requested that the doctors be allowed to perform a scanner of the general’s head. According to Lukic, writes the daily, they did not receive a negative response, but when the doctors came they were not allowed to use the scanner.

Mladic’s medical records from the past two months, which disappeared after an extraordinary search of his cell several days before the arrival of Serbian doctors, was also not given to them, although detention doctors have original documentation.

However, doctor Djokic, on the basis of the external symptoms and consequences, Mladic’s movements, holding of fingers, behavior and analysis of medical records made by September, can give a good opinion of his condition. The report should be done by Friday.