Dozens of migrants are being illegally and inhumanely deported from Croatia and Hungary back to Serbia on a daily basis.

This is according to the Asylum Protection Center Director Rados Djurovic, who spoke during a news conference in Belgrade on Tuesday.

The head of this NGO also “asked how the state would react to this practice,” Beta is reporting.

Djurovic pointed out that this reaction was necessary, because most of these migrants remain outside of any system and without any rights in the country.

“The readmission agreement that we have with Hungary and Croatia, which is the official way of returning someone to the country, literally isn’t working,” Djurovic said and added that the overall practice represents a violation of international regulations, readmission agreements, EU regulations, and the Schengen rules.

He said that at least 30 people are being returned from Croatia every day, from Sid towards Sombor, while dozens of migrants from Hungary are deported “literally by being pushed through the fence” – mostly near Kelebija and Horgos.”

Djurovic emphasized that not only those who crossed to these countries from Serbia are now being sent back illegally – but also those who were never in Serbia and who came to Croatia and Hungary from Montenegro or Bosnia-Herzegovina.

He said that the illegal return of migrants is reminiscent of the practice of smugglers and warned that illegal deportations lead to the risk of Serbia becoming a buffer zone.

“Under the cover of the night, the police are pushing these people back, very similar to people smuggling,” he said, adding that those who need assistance and protection are coming from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Syria.

According to the Center’s data, this year so far more than 1,000 migrants have been illegally deported from Hungary to Serbia, and more than 500 from Croatia – among them women and many unaccompanied minors.