Exactly how many countries recognized the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo, Belgrade will determine in the coming months in an extensive diplomatic action, reported Serbian daily “Vecernje Novosti”.

There is a suspicion that the list of recognition shown by the authorities in Pristina is not credible, so Serbia has decided to check the situation “on the ground”. Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic confirmed for the daily that a serious campaign is being prepared, noting that on Pristina’s list of 114 countries there are at least seven or eight that have never recognized the so-called Kosovo.

Namely, in recent years, Serbia has recevies from officials from several countries assurances that such moves have not been drawn.

The last country, which, according to the claims of Kosovo Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bedzet Pacoli, sent a “verbal note” of recognition is Madagascar, so that case will soon be “checked”.

According to Bojan Milosevic, a professor of international law, the act of recognition belongs to bilateral relations, and there is no universal database in which could be checked if all the recognition Pristina claims to have received have actually went through the necessary procedure and as such reached it. There is no such data in the United Nations because Kosovo is not a member of a global organization.

“The only way to determine this is that our state checks this issue with each county separately. Governments are responsible for the act of recognition as the bearers of the executive power, and it should be checked with them,” says professor Milosevic for the daily.

According to the information “Vecernje Novosti” obtained, Oman officials, for example, repeatedly denied in their talks with Serbian counterparts that they recognized Kosovo in 2011. Also the information that the Central African Republic also did so in 2011 is dubious, because three years later in their Ministry of Foreign Affairs archive, no official document which would support the claims of Pristina was found. There are similar concerns in the cases of Nigeria and Uganda.

Pristina has also “recorded” recognition by African island of Sao Tome and Principe on its list, claiming that it received a “verbal note” of recognition. However, according to information available to Belgrade, writes the daily, the decision made by the coalition government of that country in March 2012 never entered into force.