Kosovo President Hashim Thaci says “Kosovo is not Syria” to require involvement of “all global actors.”

According to Thaci, who spoke during his annual news conference on Thursday, “Kosovo is a European issue.”

He in this way commented on Russia’s willingness to participate in the process of dialogue on normalizing relations between Belgrade and Pristina, Radio Free Europe said.

But Thaci at the same time reiterated that he asked for “a more direct involvement of the United States.”

Thaci “stressed the need for a third party to intervene in dialogue with Belgrade, which the EU is now doing, highlighting US support in the process,” the report said.

“I asked for a more direct involvement of the United States. In the dialogue that has been lasting five years, the EU has been mediating with US support,” he said.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic earlier this week asked his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin if Moscow would be willing to join the Kosovo dialogue, and according to reports, received a positive reply.
This came after Pristina officials repeatedly stated that they wanted Washington to get involved in the negotiations.