Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj on Monday described Kosovo as being “isolated.”

And that it is a bigger problem than the refusal of the United States and Great Britain to issue him their respective visas, Haradinaj said.

“Politicians get visas, I do not believe that they are affected by bans. The problem is that Kosovo is isolated,” Haradinaj told a press conference in Pristina, when asked to comment on the refusal of the United States and the UK to grant him visas.

After today’s session of the government, Haradinaj also spoke about its activities regarding the initiative to abolish the special court (for KLA crimes), and the upcoming visit of the Montenegrin prime minister to Kosovo. He observed that the initiative to abolish the court was forwarded by the Presidency of the Assembly (to the government), “under regular procedure.”

Commenting on the Montenegrin PM’s trip to Pristina on February 6, Haradinaj said Dusko Markovic will “honor Kosovo with his visit” and that it will mark “a new beginning” in relations between Pristina and Podgorica.

“We will talk about all bilateral issues in order to deepen relations between the two countries,” Haradinaj announced.

As for the demarcation with Montenegro, he said that this issue was “in parliament – and there is not enough room for a conversation between the prime ministers.”