Cabinet minister Nenad Popovic says that members of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center (RSCH) in Nis should be given diplomatic status.

In conversation with the daily Vecernje Novosti, Popovic addressed the topic that is often brought up when Serbia’s relations with Washington, Brussels and Moscow are “measured,” and said it was difficult to explain to people that NATO soldiers who were bombing Serbia have this privilege, but the Russians do not.

“Russian humanitarian workers have been saving the lives of our people in floods and fires. They have cleared more than four million square kilometers of unexploded NATO bombs.

Now can we explain to citizens that NATO soldiers, who rained bombs on Serbia, have been given diplomatic status, while Russian humanitarians, who are cleaning Serbia of those bombs, do not have that status,” he said.

Popovic, who is known for his pro-Russian stance, added that there was no “either-or” relationship, but “both-and,” while ties between Serbia and Russia have never been better – and “there’s no need to be coming up with anything there.”

“We only have to observe how big countries are working with Russia, like Germany, Italy, Switzerland,” he said.