Kosovo Assembly President Kadri Veseli says it is clear that “the special court” is detrimental to Kosovo.

Veseli, who is the leader of the DPK party – led until his election as president by Hashim Thaci – was referring to the Specialist Chambers, set up to deal with the crimes committed by the former KLA.

In a column penned for the Pristina-based Albanian language daily Gazeta Express, cited by the Beta agency on Monday, he added that this institution “will be formed” because “the state of Kosovo has no power to stop it.”

“Kosovo deserves to have this happen to it the least, but it will still happen despite the hundreds of arguments we have against it. This is an injustice that will happen in the name of justice,” Veseli wrote.

He then explained that he “knew all this and wrote it at the end of last year” – but did not publish it at the time “so as not to burden the citizens of Kosovo any further.”

Veseli also “assessed positively the engagement of Kosovo’s international partners on this occasion, but added that Kosovo as a state does not need being put to further tests in this direction,” the agency said.

The initiative to repeal a law that established the court was launched late last year by members of the Kosovo Assembly from Veseli’s party, supported by those from other Albanian parties that form the ruling coalition in Pristina.