Pope Francis, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and French President Emmanuel Macron are the leaders with “the highest level of favorability” worldwide.

This is according to Gallup International Association’s “Global Leaders End of Year” survey.

Respondents – 53,769 persons from 55 countries – were asked to rank 12 global leaders.
In Serbia, the most popular among them is Russian President Vladimir Putin (81 percent), followed by Chinese President Xi Jinping (61 percent), Merkel (38 percent), and Macron and US President Donald Trump (33 percent each).


The Serbs don’t like Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, British Prime Minister Theresa May, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who enjoys support of mere 17% of respondents.

Putin has been enjoying high popularity in Serbia over the past 15 years. After his convincing victory at the presidential elections back in 2012, Serbia’s ex-President Tomislav Nikolic said the only person he could have lost to was Vladimir Putin.

When it comes to the global results, Putin ranks fourth (43 percent), behind the pope (56 percent), Merkel (49 percent), and Macron (45 percent).

On this list, behind Putin are British PM Theresa May (38 percent), and Xi Jinping (37 percent).

Of the 12 leaders, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani polled last both in Serbia and globally.
Turkish President Recep Erdogan is more popular elsewhere in the world, where he ranked ninth, than in Serbia, where he came in 11th.

Announcing the results, Gallup said that compared to the 2016 survey, this one – conducted October 2017-December 2017, with the margin of error between +3-5 percent at 95 percent confidence level – “shows a significant increase in favorability towards President Putin, and a US president who compares significantly less favorably with his predecessor – but both politicians trail the pope.”