President Aleksandar Vucic and US Ambassador Kyle Scott on Friday discussed “cooperation between the two countries and the upcoming elections.”

The meeting was scheduled to start at 10:30 hour CET, and three and a half hours later, a statement was issued by Vucic’s cabinet.

It said that the conversation concerned “economic relations, military cooperation, the European path of Serbia, Kosovo, but also the need to show commitment to democratic standards in the upcoming election” – likely referring to the local election in Belgrade, that is yet to be announced.

Media crews were present at the beginning of the meeting, when the US ambassador produced a large envelope – believed to be US President Donald Trump’s greetings on New Year’s and Christmas holidays in Serbia.

According to the statement, the interlocutors “noted that there is increased interest of US companies in investing in the Serbian economy and that investments are continuously growing: nearly 100 US companies have invested about USD 4 billion and employed about 17,000 workers.”

“Ambassador Scott also highlighted US support in creating a better business climate in Serbia through various programs, and noted that the previous year was marked by the progress of military cooperation between the two countries through almost 100 joint activities, including the largest, a joint paratrooper exercise,” the president’s cabinet said.

Vucic is quoted as saying that Serbia is “determined to continue economic and social reforms,” while Scott said that the upcoming election would be “a key opportunity for Serbia to show commitment to democratic standards, as well as to free and fair media.”
As stated, Vucic “emphasized in implementing the rule of law, the freedom of expression and the right to objective information” Serbia was “following the example of the US and the US administration.”

“President Vucic and Ambassador Scott talked about the need to continue the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, stressing the importance of the internal dialogue on Kosovo. Ambassador Scott pointed out that the US administration is asking Pristina to remain dedicated to the special Court for KLA crimes, just as it is asking other countries in the region to ensure justice for all victims of war crimes,” the statement said.

It also underlined that Vucic and Scott “spoke about the region and the need to preserve the integrity of Bosnia-Herzegovina.”