Honoring the defenders killed in the “defense of Dubrovnik” in the 1990s by the Montenegrin Ambassador to Zagreb, Bor Vucinic, a few days ago, caused a huge citizens’ anger. Professor Radan Nikolic, president of the Association of War Veterans from 1990, estimates that this is a diplomatic scandal.

“It is shameful attitude towards the Montenegrin victims pushed into the war by the current regime,” said Nikolic at the promotion of the book “The Last Line of Defense” in Niksic, which is dedicated to former JNA (Yugoslav Army) and Montenegrin soldiers. 315 of them were killed, among them 77 from Niksic, reports “Vecernje Novosti”.

Nikolic emphasized that today a taint is being thrown at the sacrifices of brave young men, and it is unseen shame that Vucinic bowed to the murderers of his fellow citizens.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro it is said that the ambassador Vucinic paid an official visit to Dubrovnik, where he and Mayor Mato Frankovic discussed possibilities of enhancing cooperation between Dubrovnik and Montenegrin cities. Vucinic also attended the laying of wreaths at the memorial hall at the Boninovo cemetery, where Croatian defenders were honored.

“None of the representatives of the official politics did not dare to bow down to the shadows of the fallen soldiers who gave their lives for the defense of Yugoslavia, but also Montenegro,” reminded at the promotion of the book Andrija Mandic, leader of the New Serbian Democracy.

The number of 315 dead Montenegrin fighters is not final, because there are no listed victims of the conflict in BiH, where Montenegrins were fighting in units of the Army of the Republika Srpska. Among them are three Koprivica brothers from Niksic, two Lazarevic brothers from Savnik, as well as many others.

“None of the Croatian war criminals answered for killing of Montenegrin reservists from Niksic and Savnik, whom paramilitary units arrested and brought to the infamous collection center “Lora” near Split. No one is also responsible for monstrous acts over 24 JNA soldiers on October 1 1991 in Neum,” says Nikolic.