UN envoy Matthew Nimetz has reportedly found a compromise solution in the Greece-Macedonia dispute over the name of the latter, a former Yugoslav republic.

And the county’s new name could be “(Republika) GornaMakedonija.”

According to some Greek and Macedonian media, and Belgrade-based Politika newspaper, Nimetz recently produced a “package” of proposals for a new name for the country, with “a rare one” on which both sides agreed being this new, compound word.

Allegedly, the proposal originally came from the Greek side, with “GornaMakedonija” being an untranslatable word – but one “pronounced respecting its Slavic linguistic origin” – which would guarantee that the word “Makedonija (English: Macedonia)” remains a part of the country’s name.

Media reports suggest that the final agreement is close at hand, and that a draft exists obligating Skopje to change its constitution and accompanying legislation within a deadline.
Sources are saying that a signed document should be forwarded to the UN by March 20.