Hashim Thaci says that the establishment of the Special Court for KLA (UCK) crimes was “unfair” – but that Kosovo’s decision is to maintain partnership with the West.

According to the Kosovo president, the Kosovo authorities “assumed certain responsibilities and obligations” and “will fulfill them in accordance with the agreements reached,” writes Pristina-based Albanian language outlet Koha.

“The decision has been made to maintain our strategic partnership with the United States, the EU and NATO,” Thaci said, speaking at a government meeting marking the tenth anniversary of the unilateral declaration of independence.

The Western partners of the Kosovo authorities have repeatedly publicly warned that “Kosovo would remain isolated” if attempts continued to block the establishment and operations of the Special Court.

Thaci, sitting next to Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, told ministers and associates that “dialogue with Serbia is entering the final stage of the process.”

“We are working to achieve a final deal, which implies normalization of relations and interstate reconciliation. There is no doubt that we are an example of peace and reconciliation, an example that dialogue builds better relations for all,” Thaci said.

He also said that this was the right moment for the EU to confirm that the entire Southeast Europe belongs to the EU, rather than “other ideologies” that “undermine the values ​​and principles of the West.”

Thaci’s words are in line with an interview he gave last week, when he said that this was the year when “a historic agreement between Belgrade and Pristina can be achieved” – and that decades of uncertainty would follow unless that happened in 2018.

At the same time, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that the absence of the right solution and compromise would be “another mistake in the history of the two biggest nations in the Balkans.”