Kosovo President Hashim Thaci said that partition of Kosovo is impossible and said that there will be no autonomy for the northern part of the country inhabited by Serbs.

Thaci stated that Serbia recognises this fact, although not publically.

“There will be no autonomy, no partition, and no exchange of territories. Kosovo is a country with its territorial integrity and respected and approved internationally. In a way or another Serbia has recognised Kosovo. I have met Serbian leaders and they know that Kosovo is a sovereign country and this process is irreversible, but nobody from Serbian side dares to say this publically,” said Thaci.

He also said that there will be no EU membership for Serbia without recognising Kosovo.

He said that Kosovo remains committed to fulfilling all other conditions set by the EU and made a direct request to the European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker.

“We will ask President Juncker what we have discussed earlier – to accelerate the integration of Kosovo and the best option would be for all Western Balkan countries to join the EU at the same time,” said Thaci.