US President Donald Trump congratulated Kosovo President Hashim Thaci on the tenth anniversary of Kosovo’s declaration of independence.

In a congratulatory message handed to Kosovo President on Tuesday by the US Ambassador to Kosovo Greg Delawie, says that Kosovo has made great steps in strengthening the sovereignty and multi-ethnic democracy over the past ten years, writes “Vecernje Novosti”.

“In the meantime, much more needs to be done, we congratulate you on your progress. And while your country enters the second decade of the statehood, the United States is committed to help Kosovo build strong foundation to common, democratic principles of regional co-operation and the rule of law. Taking these steps, Kosovo will take immediate steps towards integration into the Western community of nations”, the US President said in a congratulatory note.

Trump’s congratulatory message also adds that the US sees Kosovo as an important partner.

“In this historical moment I wish all the best to the citizens of Kosovo”, says the congratulatory message of the US President.