More than five years we have been trying to reach the peace and solution for Kosovo-Metohija issue, said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

Speaking to the nation, on the day of the pogrom in Kosovo, he said that the first six out of total 15 points in the Brussels Agreement are dedicated to the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO).

All six of the 15 points from the Brussels Agreement on the Establishment of the Community of Serb Municipalities remained a dead letter on paper, said Vucic.

“For five years someone does not want this to happen. We did not believe that Albanians would do anything for the sake of the Serbs. The EU wanted the ZSO to be formed, but if the international community really wanted it, their condition for visa liberalization to Pristina would be formation of the ZSO, and not the demarcation with Montenegro”, Vucic said.

Serbian President urged Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija not to participate in the formation of Kosovo’s Army. At the press conference he said that the authorities in Pristina are going to Serb areas and bribing Serb young men to join their army.

“I cann’t tell you everything now…”, said Vucic.

On the occasion of the statement of the US Ambassord William Montgomery that Serbia should not accept the formation of the Kosovo army at any cost, but to insist on the US’s original position on the issue, which is “no” to the Kosovo army, Vucic thanked Montgomery for the correct approach.

President stressed that Serbia can not approve the formation of the Kosovo Army.

“They are not going only to the south, they also go to the north to bribe our young men. They say – here is the cash, be part of the army. We are facing this and talking to the Serbs in Kosovo”, said Vucic.

He added that he did not want to react to the statement by US official Wess Mitchel that the Kosovo Army, in which there will be Serbs, will not be a threat to Serbia.

“Really? You are forming an alien army on the territory of Serbia, in which you will include Serbs… What, as in Austro-Hungarian and Turkish times, we are to fight Serbs against Serbs?”, asked Vucic.

That is why he urged Serbs not to participate in the formation of the Kosovo Army, both those from the south and north of the province, and in that way help resolve the Kosovo issue.

“They are to behave responsibly, take care of themselves and their security, but not to participate in the formation of state bodies of another state, without having agreed with Serbia on any issue”, Vucic emphasized.