Whether the Serbian Municipalities Community (ZSO) will be formed in due time or will wait for the signing of a legally binding agreement between Belgrade and Pristina, is a dilemma opened by Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic, saying that he heard a new option – that the ZSO will be just part of the package of the agreement, which he called a “superb insolence”.

“I would never sign the Brussels Agreement if the main thing in it wasn’t ZSO. ZSO and the integration of Serbs into Kosovo institutions were on the paper. If there is no ZSO, we will withdraw the entire Brussels Agreement”, said Dacic.

Asked whether the EU is for the change of the content of the agreement on the ZSO, which is required by Pristina, and whether its formation will be awaiting a legally binding agreement, Maja Kocijancic, a spokeswoman for the High Representative Federica Mogherini, told Serbian daily “Vecernje Novosti”:

“The ZSO agreement is agreed between the two parties within the framework of the dialogue. Within this dialogue, the EU expects the relations between the two sides to normalize and to form the ZSO as soon as possible.”

Political analyst Dusan Janjic believes that “the package” Dacic mentioned does not necessarily mean that the formation of the ZSO will have to wait until the signing of a legally binding document with Pristina. He explained that the two parties in 2013 only initialed the Brussels Agreement, and that the signing of a legally binding “paper” will give legal force to that first agreement.