With this act Croatia again relativizes the horrific and genocidal crimes committed in the NDH during the Second World War, and it also sends the Serbs in Croatia more than a scary message. This is in direct contradiction with the foundations on which post-war Europe and international order were built.

This is how Serbian first Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic reacted to the recommendation of the Croatian Council to deal with the Ustasha greeting “For Home Ready” (“Za Dom Spremni”). According to the council, it can sometimes be “imprecisely used.”

Dacic said that the compromise solution of the Council openly flirts with the representatives of the neo-fascist Croatian right, that is not only legally and logically unexplainable and unsustainable, but also politically unbearable in the 21st century:

“Does anyone normal in Germany can imagine that commemorative gathering for the members of Wehrmacht or SS units is held starting with “Sieg Heil”.

The head of Serbian diplomacy once again urged the representatives of the international community and high-ranking EU officials to use their influence that Croatia, as he says, finally begins to behave in a way that fits the EU member state and the civilized world.