Serbia should not agree with the formation of the Kosovo army even at the cost of EU integration, said former US ambassador to Serbia William Montgomery.

“Enough is enough”, Montgomery answered when asked by Tanjug how he sees messages delivered to Belgrade by US State Department official Wess Mitchel, including the open support of the US to the Kosovo Army.

Serbia should insist on the primordial positions of the West on the issue of the Kosovo army – and this is a strong opposition to every form of it.

Montgomery recalls that he himself has been involved in the Kosovo issue for years and that he remembers how much the West strongly resisted any formation of the Kosovo army.

“We knew very well that former KLA fighters will be part of it and that the formation of a truly multi-ethnic group was impossible. It’s no coincidence that the Kosovo Constitution also forbids it”, said Montgomery.

For this reason, he said, “I see with great regret that Kosovo Albanians ‘have deflected the blade of that resistance’ and that we have changed the attitude and began to reluctantly accept these armed forces”, said former US diplomat.

He warns that at the same time it is allowed that ZSO is “neither in heaven nor on earth”.

“My advice to the Serbian government would be to say: No, no and no”. And to keep the West in the beginning positions regarding the Kosovo Army. If it means the end of the progress in the process of EU accession, then let it be so”, Montgomery said.

According to him, the Kosovo chapter in the negotiations with the EU was first opened and will be the last to be closed.

“The completion of concessions now will not end the undue pressure from the EU, nor will the EU be much more firm towards the Kosovo Albanians. “What’s enough is enough”, concluded William Montgomery.