Deputy Prime Minister of the so-called Republic of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, during Government’s meeting on Friday, said that the Government of FYROM (Macedonia) has asked Kosovo’s support to assist in implementation of bilingualism in institutions of Macedonia, after Parliament in Skopje has approved on Wednesday the law allowing for the wider use of the Albanian language.

Hoxhaj said that the Government of FYROM made the request “based on the good experience of Kosovo in applying bilingualism – Albanian and Serbian – as two official languages in Kosovo,” GazetaExpress reports.

“At the request of the Government of Macedonia, now after approval of the Law on use of Albanian language, it was requested the support of the Government of Kosovo to assist in order to apply bilingualism in institutions, materials and other levels in Macedonia considering Kosovo’s good experience,” said Hoxhaj.

He said that the Government of Kosovo can offer such a support and there is a political willingness to offer the support of the neighbouring Macedonia.