The Appeals Chamber of the Judicial Mechanism in The Hague (ICTY) rejected the request of Mladic’s defense to extend the deadline for the appeal against the first-instance verdict for another 90 days, as it believes it is not supported by new arguments which were adopted in December, reports Serbian daily “Vecernje Novosti”.

On November 22, 2017, Mladic was sentenced to life imprisonment, and according to the Statute of The Hague Tribunal (now Mechanism), the appeal deadline is 30 days from the pronouncement of the verdict.

In a decision delivered to media, the Appeals Council recalls that the appeals deadline was extended for 90 days on Mladic’s request, or until March 22.

Although the prosecution in The Hague did not oppose the new request, but asked that if the defense is allowed the extension of the deadline, the same is done for the prosecution, the Appeals Council decided that Mladic’s request was not justified.

Mladic’s lawyers sought an extension for the appeal because, as they stated, the lack of resources and the amount of necessary work in relation to submissions concerning Mladic’s health.

The defense initially requested an extension for five months, but received three.

On November 22, The Hague Tribunal sentenced former RS Army commander, general Mladic (75), to life imprisonment, pronouncing him guilty of genocide in Srebrenica, persecuting Muslims and Croats throughout BiH, terrorizing the population of Sarajevo with long-lasting shelling and sniping and taking UNPROFOR soldiers for hostages, 1992-95, recalls the daily.

Mladic was convicted on the grounds that he “significantly contributed to the execution of genocide in Srebrenica and other war crimes committed in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

Otherwise, in full composition of the Appeals Chamber, chaired by Judge Theodor Meron, are judges Carmel Adijus, Liu Dakun, Simor Panton and Priska Matimba Nyamba.

Mladic’s verdict contains 2,541 pages with as many as 18,211 footnotes making this verdict the most extensive in the history of the Tribunal.

Mladic’s lawyers have previously announced they will appeal to all ten counts of Mladic’s indictment, out of 11, since he was acquitted at one count.